A compliment is verbal sunshine.
— Robert Orben

Happy Clients


“Thanks to Erica Ford of My Money Beacon for her financial guidance. Most people won’t admit it but controlling your money means controlling yourself. It means revealing what is wrong with your habits. I know it is hard; so much of our emotions are tangled up in our spending habits. Erica made it easy to be open about my finances the good and bad. She acknowledges the good and she made a point to plan and address the bad. It was a pleasure getting myself back on track with her insightful plans.”

— Enessilee McClain

“Thank you for the excellent service that you have rendered unto me.  If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be taking this month to celebrate my birthday, and with plenty of money to spend.  You have shown me how to budget, how to save, how to prepare for the future, how to keep my records in order, etc. I have learned to master the budget, which I found so intimidating, boring and weird.  But now, I see how important a budget is. I understand it, through and through. Now I look forward to it, and I have taken your advice and I read, listen to people with great wisdom and knowledge on finances, and I study everything dealing with finances, and I've learned to tithe to the Lord, and to myself, and to watch every dime that I spend and how to have when it seems like I don't have.  The more proactive I become, the more the Lord is blessing my efforts.”

— Karla morrison

“Erica, thank you for your patience, and the cheerful way that you teach us these steps to a greater future.”

— Via carpenter

“My Money Beacon was quick and professional, which I greatly appreciated in my busy life of work and errands!  This company made me feel like I was working with an old friend.”

— Lysa mccormick


“I have been using My Money Beacon for the past three years and I've been very pleased.  The service is very courteous and friendly.   I've been given good advice and very attentive service.  Because of the knowledgeable service, I've also received really good money back on my tax returns.” 

— lisa harris